• About film faced plywood

    The raw material used in the high-end building film faced plywood is birch with a density of 700KG/M3. Because the birch material is hard, the film faced plywood e made of birch is very flat and has a super load-bearing capacity. There will be no bending under high pressure. In addition, the surf...
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  • What is plywood

    Plywood is a kind of man-made wood board that is reassembled by peeling. Plywood is made by cutting into large-area veneers in the direction of annual rings. After drying and bonding, it is produced according to the standard of the vertical mahogany grain orientation of adjacent veneers. The numb...
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  • Marine plywood – waterproof plywood

    ROCPLEX marine plywood is one of the commonly used wooden materials for the manufacture of waterproof and moisture-proof furniture and decoration. It can improve the utilization rate of wood and is the main way to save wood. ROCPLEX marine plywood can be applied to yachts, Shipbuilding industry m...
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